Our Healthcare Providers

All our Healthcare providers are well-trained and experienced. They are trained from various domains of Medical practices and highly skilful in various medical procedures.The doctors are licensed and accredited persons who are registered under Malaysian Medical Council Board.Our Allied Health staffs were graduated from reputed universities and colleges, well-trained and under constant supervision of the doctors.The team is committed in giving the patients the best care possible. Patients’ safety is our top-most priority and they are assured of receiving consistently high quality care no matter which doctors they see, parallel to our common Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).To ensure maximum protection to the patients, our Healthcare providers consistently applies state-of-the-art sterilizationand disinfection techniques on all instruments and the rooms.Moreover, the organization is a firm believer in Continuous Medical Education (CME), whereby all the Healthcare Providers are regular in attending courses that enable them to keep up to date with the latest developments to provide its patients with the best service.


MMC NO: 67687


Dr.Hajar, an enthusiastic medical practitioner, proudly graduated from Mansoura University, received her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery (MBBCh) under Mansoura Manchester Programme in the year of 2012. She is strongly determined with her passion in Family Medicine, completing her “Graduate Certificate in Family Medicine”, with the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (AFPM). Her strong believe is that the ethos of placing the patient at the heart of the consultation is crucial to build that precious doctor-patient relationship. On top of that, she is constantly keeping up to date with the current and rapid advancement in medical knowledge by attending medical conferences and seminars.

In her previous position in Institute for Medical Research (IMR), she has had the privilege of understanding biomedical research in depth and as well as managing administration aspects. From the two years of training experience in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), she was given a lot of chance to polish her clinical skills and gained great deal of experience of work from various departments. In one of her postings, while serving in Psychiatric Department, she was chosen to become a medical escort to Florence, Italy to send an Italian nationality patient back to her hometown for continuation of care. The whole event was a success, with tremendous effort from the Italian Embassy and Psychiatry Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Dr Hajar plays an active role in research work since her university days. In 2012, during her medical elective, she had joined a research team in Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, United Kingdom, on a Systematic review entitled “IVF & Pregnancy outcomes in different ethnicity”.

Additionally, in 2017 she has had the opportunity to give oral presentation at 2nd Sabah Regional Public Health Conference, entitled “Outcome of 10 weeks High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Programme among Overweight and Obese staff in Institute for Medical Research”. With her strong base trainings and experiences Dr Hajar is willing to carry the company’s vision and mission to bring the clinics to the next level in Malaysia medical industry generally.